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What is Japanese American Martial Arts Academy?

Founded in the year 1980 by “Hall of Fame” martial arts master Johnny Stinson, the Japanese American Martial Arts Academy is one of the oldest and most prestigious martial arts training centers in the Catawba Valley.  The curriculum of the academy revolves around the study of traditional Shotokan Karate (Japan’s oldest karate discipline), and the contemporary training of American Karate.  The academy also offers instruction in the ancient art of Japanese and Okinawan weapons of defense, known as Kobudo (koe-boo-doe).

For more than 20 years the Japanese American Martial Arts Academy has served the Catawba Valley with martial arts training and fitness in the areas of Hickory, Newton-Conover, and Maiden.  Generations of students have enjoyed personal fulfillment through a dedicated study with the academy, and many involve their entire families in the time-honored tradition of martial arts training

The legacy of the Japanese American Martial Arts Academy continues under the leadership of Gregory Suddreth-Stinson, son of the academy’s founder.  Suddreth-Stinson, who is also a veteran of martial arts practice, has revolutionized the training curriculum of the academy by including the Corporate Signature program and many other positive refinements in fitness conditioning.

The Japanese American Martial Arts Academy continues to be a positive force in the community today.  With programs serving area businesses and organizations, family fitness and wellbeing, and public safety, the academy promotes the highest virtues of martial arts training.  Japanese American Martial Arts holds true to its mission to “develop spirit for success, and train fitness for life.”

As a member of the Catawba Vallwy's most prestigious martial arts training center, you will have access to:

  • Classical Shotokan Karate
  • Self-Defence (offered separately)
  • Contemporary American Karate
  • Cardio Kick Aerobics (offered sapately
  • Traditional Weapons Training
  • Fitness Facility
  • Meditation
  • Kids Classes