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Corporate Signature Program


“Developing spirit for success, and training fitness for life”

We specialize in Developing Fitness Programs for Businesses, Organizations, and Institutions in the Catawba Valley Community


As a Corporate Signature Member of the Catawba Valley’s most prestigious martial arts training center you will have access to:

  • Classical Shotokan Karate
  • Self-Defense (offered separately)
  • Contemporary American Karate
  • Cardio Kick Aerobics (offered separately)
  • Traditional Weapons Training
  • Fitness Facility
  • Meditation
  • Kids Classes

Program Director: Gregory Suddreth-Stinson

What is the Corporate Signature Program?

Corporate Signature is a program designed to assist community businesses, organizations, and institutions with developing a sound physical fitness program for employees or members through martial arts training. The benefits of the program are improved physical condition, elevated morale and self-confidence, team building and motivation, and much more.

Within the Corporate Signature program, the customer has the option of choosing the schedule and mode of training best suited for the group’s individual needs. Some 3rd, 2nd, or 12 hr. shift groups may prefer a morning or afternoon regimen, while other groups may prefer an evening agenda. Groups that are more safety-conscious may choose to train in self-defense tactics only, and others that prefer an up-tempo workout may choose to only engage in the Cardio Kick Aerobic sessions.  Regardless of each group’s individual training goals, Corporate Signature meets the need.

The Corporate Signature program also can become a family affair. Each employee/member of a client organization will have access to discounted membership to the Japanese American Martial Arts Academy for any member of his or her immediate family. Therefore siblings, spouses, and children of Corporate Signature Members will have an opportunity to train at the price of the standard monthly tuition. This benefit remains in effect even if the Corporate Signature Member decides not to train. That equals big savings for the member that would like to get their family involved.

The Corporate Signature program is extremely cost effective for organizations with restrictive budgeting. The one-size fits all monthly billing is the same for any company/group with 15 or more employees/members. Therefor, the greater the level of involvement, the greater the value to the client organization. We guarantee satisfaction and a high active participation rate in the Corporate Signature program within 3 months of its initiation, or we will gladly cancel the annual contract agreement for the service, and terminate the training.

Martial arts training is a proven method for producing positive results in individual performance and achievement. Let Corporate Signature be your vessel to success.

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How Does Corporate Signature Work?

A Corporate Signature representative conducts an “assessment meeting” to determine the best schedule and program for your organization.

Corporate Signature Members (and or family members) participate in the schedule training sessions.

A monthly attendance and usage report is compiled by Corporate Signature for the client organization.

At the end of the 3rd month of service, a "program review meeting" is scheduled with the client organization.

If established criteria are met after the first review, subsequent reviews will be scheduled before each renewal of the annual service contract.


If service or attendance is not satisfactory at the first review, the annual contract agreement will be void, and the training schedule will be terminated.